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    Hi Janice! Thank you for your post; you are correct. The IMPLAN Online system will not allow for editing the underlying the Study Area Data as you are accustomed to in the Customization Screen like in the IMPLAN Pro System. The only way to edit the raw data in the IMPLAN Online system is to do Analysis By Parts. IMPLAN Online will allow for a Contribution Analysis study as long as it is only a Single Industry study. As the same as for IMPLAN Pro, IMPLAN Online will also do impact studies. The reason multi-Industry isn't available is because of the necessity of customization in order to accomplish that type of analysis. As for gauging the size of various Sectors within the State, are you using the Study Area Data to determine this? If so, IMPLAN Online will also be able to provide you with that information. Based on your description of your needs, IMPLAN Pro would be a better option!
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