Using our 2012 Stanislaus County Data Set and working on an Ag IMPLAN across all ag crop and related opportunities in Stanislaus County. On selecting sector 4 (Fruit Farming), receive the following message box: "Sector Missing Error. Industry 4 Fruit Farming does not exist in the model. There will be no impacts. You can make 4 Fruit farming exist by editing the study area data or by doing Analysis-By-Parts. If you are going to margin, click OK to continue otherwise click cancel to exit." I may be mistaken, however working on similar model a week or so ago I don't recall getting that message when building the events. When I open a previous model, there is no data within that sector 4 line. Note: In 2013 the ad report listed $211,458,000 in sales for fruit (apples, apricots, cherries, citrus, grapes, and peaches each reported millions in sales.) Did something happen to that sector in our model or did it never exist and I missed the error last week? If it doesn't exist and I need to add that sector into the IMPLAN (including it with the other dozen or so crop sectors) how should I proceed, etc? FYI, I spoke with Taylor and she will be alerting you to this question. Thanks!
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  • Hi Cheryl! Thank you for your forum post!! You can be rest assured that you did not mess anything up. We can the same 2012 Model in house and did not receive any impacts from Sector 4. However our 2013 Model did reflect impacts for Sector 4. The 2013 data made use of the new 2012 Ag Census. I have attached a PDF document on our Farm Data Methodologies. In addition, if you are interested in creating Sector 4 in the 2012 Model, this article can assist: Thanks! [attachment=649]hf4275b3.pdf[/attachment]

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