Comparison between IMPLAN and BEA RIMSII


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    Hi Patrick, Thank you for your post. I RIMS is IMPLAN's version of the BEA's RIMS II Multiplier system. We use the same general technique as the BEA and some of the same data but we use our proprietary Trade Flow Model in the derivation of our RPC values [attachment=651]h4a072f1.pdf[/attachment] . We certainly understand your concern of wanting to compare apples to apples, unfortunately, I RIMS and RIMS II would not be comparable; as the are two different systems with different assumptions and methodologies. Since Multipliers differ from region to region and from Industry to Industry, we would not be able to say how much of a variant the Multipliers from I RIMS are to RIMS II. I have included two articles that provide additional information on I RIMS: Explore I RIMS:
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