New IMPLAN data for Old expenditure data analysis


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    Hi Jagdish! Thank you for your forum post. Yes, you can use older expenditure data from 2001 with an IMPLAN Model year of 2011. It would be ideal to find updated survey data but if it isn't possible; then what you have will work. When you setup your Event be sure that you change your Event Year to 2001. This is telling the Software that the value you are entering is from 2011. The Software will then inflate the value up to the base year of the Model, 2011. Then when you view your Results; we recommend changing the Dollar Year for View drop down to 2011; so as to see the result values in that year's dollar. I recommend noting in your report that the numbers are derived from 2001 (if you end up using the 2001) data and that the Model is adjusted to account for that. IMPLAN's most current data year is 2013 with 2014 to be released the end of this year.
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