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    Hello, 1. Your logic could make sense if you entered in the total cost of the 2 year project into a single Event, IMPLAN would not know the difference. You could also divide the cost of the project by 2. and create 2 Events with the appropriate Event Years. This might solve your #2 depending on how you want to view your results. 2. If you want your results separated by yea and apply proper deflationr, you must create 2 Activities, one with the first year and another with the Second, then you must analyze the Activities in 2 Scenarios. Construction Employment is one of the most often misconstrued or misreported element in economic impact analysis. Here are some common reasons: Multiple Year Projects: Often the value of a construction process is not broken out by year or the final report is summative across the entire construction project. Not all positions change: While a construction project may require 32 jobs the first year and 50 jobs the next year. These jobs may not be summative some of these positions such as primary contractors may be the same job from year to year. If in IMPLAN you are entering Industry Sales into an Event representing the Industry, IMPLAN will estimate via Output Per Worker and employment value. One great feature of IMPLAN is that you can customize the Events to specifically match your information. To do this, you must have the employment and compensation fields visible: Event Options>Show>Show All. Enter in Industry Sales and tab over to employment and enter your employment value, IMPLAN will notify you that you are changing from the default Output Per Worker, click OK. As you've mentioned, IMPLAN jobs are not FTE, so you will need to convert any FTE employment before entering into IMPLAN with that spreadsheet. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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