MRIO and trade flow analysis


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    Hello, The Trade Flow data provided in the model are for MRIO purposes only, thus it is not viewable. RPCs can be modified directly through the customize screen, but the underlying Trade model is not editable. If you are interested in viewing and using the Trade Flow data, we do sell this as a separate product under a different license based on usage. Please email In answering your region aggregation question, the Trade data is summed by the regions included in the model. County A imports $100 of grains from County B and $200 of grains from County C. County B imports $300 of grains from County A and $500 of grains from County C. Then, if we combine Counties A and B into a single region, that region will import $700 of grains from County C. The $100 and $300 worth of grains previously traded between Counties A and B no longer need to be the trade data between those two counties is ignored - it becomes locally supplied. The new RPC for grains will be calculated based on these new import values and new local supply values. By "new" import and local supply values, they are just sums.
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