I am trying to model an industry change activity by entering employee compensation. In the set up activities section, I select the sector and enter employee compensation value (nine-digit figure). After I close and reopen the model, I see that IMPLAN rounds up the original employee compensation figure (approximately $7 adjustment). Why might that be? Thanks
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  • Hello, 1. When entering a new event, ensure that the correct value persists when tab is selected instead of enter. Run the analysis through a Scenario to ensure that the proper number carries into the results. 2. If one is ok, then close down the Model and open again to verify that the problem is persisting. 3. If the right value is exchanged for the wrong value, please run another quick analysis through a Scenario to ensure that the wrong value is carried into the results. 4. If the problem is still present, please build another Model and verify that this Model is also demonstrating the undesirable behavior. 5. Please send in the Mode to implangroup@implan.com Best regards, IMPLAN Group Staff

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