Unable to export or import industry production

I am working with data from 2013. Under the edit industry production I am trying to export an industry production function and import it into a different sector. I have exported numerous industries but when I go to the dialogue box to import a production function there are no production functions listed.
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  • Hi Libby! Thanks for your post. If you do have any additional questions from our email we sent; please let us know!
  • Dear IMPLAN, I'm having the same problem with my model - when I try to export a production function, no dialogue box comes up saying it was successful and when I try to import, there are no production functions available to import. I'm using IMPLAN3 with 2014 data. Thanks for your help, Dari
  • Hello Dari, There is no confirmation dialogue box that appears once you've named your production function and selected OK. Production functions are specific to the year of the data set. You mention that you are using 2014 Data. Check the Model Overview screen in both of your models and ensure that the Model Year listing for both models is 2014. All exported production functions are saved to the IMPLAN Structural Matrix file of the selected data year. There have been cases in the past where an institution's security restrictions for user accounts have prevented users from successfully saving information to the Structural Matrix file. If both of your models are properly set to 2014 and you still cannot locate your exported production functions, you may want to consider speaking with your IT department about any possible restrictions placed on your account. Please let us know if these solutions do not resolve your issue. Regards, IMPLAN Staff

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