Steady-state projections?


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    Hello, Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to how to project data, especially that far out. Projecting data into the future requires a greater number of assumptions (including things about productivity changes, price changes, etc.. Since, Steady-state Models are very elasticity dependent and also focus on technological changes and fundamental structural changes to the underlying economy, this usage is beyond the scope of what could reasonably be assumed to use the IMPLAN software because even framing and elasticity assumptions made outside the Model would not be sufficient to capture the intent, which doesn't fit into the majority of the [url=]Key Assumptions of Input-Output Analysis[/url] mold. That is not to say that the data cannot be projected, only that we do not have any particular advice for doing it. The BLS publishes W&S Employment and Wages projections, as well as deflators, that could be useful: IMPLAN data in a CGE Model might also be a potential solution. Please let us know if you have additional questions. IMPLAN Group Staff
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