Employment vs. Industry Sales


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    Hi Tymon! Thank you for your forum post. Entering an Employment input value as a way to proxy Industry Sales; is an appropriate way to model an impact. The order of operations that we recommend, if possible, Industry Sales (field if known), followed by Employee Compensation, Proprietor Income and then Employment. However, since the only input value you have is Employment, that is the best information you have to work with at this time. When IMPLAN estimates Industry Sales from the starting point of Employment, because Employment is a less reliable value because of the nature of Employment as a headcount and the current mix of the proprietor and wage and salary workers. Thus the Output per Worker value is a flat ratio of Total Industry Output/Employment for all the firms in that region for the year of the data set. An additional thought, if you wanted to dig deeper into other data sources, we never discourage that, but it may not be worth the time, and proxying from Employment is a common usage of Industry Change Activity Type. Thanks! IMPLAN Staff
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