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Dear IMPLAN, We would like to customize our model by importing an industry production function. We see that this process should be possible, but when we go to Customize > Industry Production > (select our industry) > Options > Library > Import, it tells us to "Select the Production Function you want to import, then click Import"... but does not have any items to select from. Could you please direct us? Do we need to use a template of some sort? Thanks! Ashley
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  • Hello Ashley, The library is not pre-loaded. You will need to export a production function to the library before you can import a production function from the library. By chance, are you looking to add add an industry to a region in which that industry does not already exist? If so, we suggest the Analysis-By-Parts (ABP) method. You can find more about the ABP method [url=]here[/url]. Regards, IMPLAN Staff
  • Dear IMPLAN, We're actually hoping to customize a production function extensively and wanted to know if our production function (currently in Excel) could be imported into IMPLAN. Alternatively, how can we access the library to make those modifications in industries that we have exported? Or do all of these modifications need to be done manually? Thanks, Ashley
  • Hello Ashley, Unfortunately, the system does not support importing a production function via Excel. You will need to open a model, edit the production function, and then export that production function to the library. You can then import that production function in a new model that utilizes the same data year/release. Note, you can import from Excel (using the activity template file) if you use the Analysis-By-Parts methodology. Regards, IMPLAN Staff

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