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    Hello Inder, The impact of the operations of a non-profit and impact of grants that a non-profit directs to institutions are different things. In the webinar, the analyst wanted to capture the impact of the non-profit operations. He therefore impacted sector 514 (Grantmaking, giving, and social advocacy organizations). This only captures the impact associated to the operations of the non-profit organization (the activity around directing grants). This does not capture the impact created by those institutions that receive the grants. He selected sectors appropriate to the grant activity and entered the relevant amount in order to analyze the impact of the grant recipients. For your purposes, you will need to separate your grant amounts into the appropriate totals - how much of the grants dispersed go to childhood education activities, credit counseling, and food distribution. If the non-profit's operations are paid for through the grants, that will need to be accounted for as well. Separating by payroll and operational budget is appropriate if you have direct expenditure information. If you do, then you can utilize the Analysis by Parts method, information provided at the links below. Once completed, you will then need to add your Direct Impact values less TOPI and OPI to your results. Analysis-By-Parts: IMPLAN Pro Analysis-By-Parts: IMPLAN Online If you do not have enough information for an Analysis-by-Parts, we recommend selecting the sector that best represents the target non-profit, entering known event values, and zeroing out Proprietor Income . You then export the Detail Results report for Value Added and its components and remove the portions associated to TOPI and OPI (this amount would also need to be removed from Direct VA as well if you want to report the summary results table). Finally, you will also remove Direct TOPI and Corporation taxes from the tax result report. Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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