How to export multi-activities from IMPLAN

Hi I am trying to setup multi-activities for a scenario. My question is how can I export those activities one time but not one by one. (BTW, I have 200 activities) Thanks
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  • Hi Sheng! Thank you so much for your forum post. From your forum post, it sounds as if building at minimum two Models and you want to use the Activities you built in your 1st or Base Model to populate into the other Models. If I have this correct, while you can Export out those Activities into the Activity Library, to then Import the Activity from the Activity Library to your new Model. However, this will not Import all of your Activities, it will only do 1 at a time. You will need to repeat this process 200 times, as you have 200 Activities. If you had 200 Events in a single Activity, this would take care of repeating the process. I hope that this helps.

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