Problem with Arms and Ammunition Data for 2016 Release


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    Hi John,

    Regarding the variance:
    · Output data from the BEA for the sectors of interest come in a more aggregated form that includes the noted IMPLAN sectors of 257 and 259 but also sector 258.
    · However, we use the Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) for national output values for every manufacturing sector but petroleum refining.
    · As both the BEA and the ASM define output as reflecting the value of production, the variance between the two sources suggests a methodological difference in calculation.

    Additional notes regarding output data:
    · The source data is lagged a year. We project based on growth in employment and/or income.
    · Though it's not the case here, raw data providers sometimes revise their numbers after we've used their earlier release.

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