What is the difference between private and public education?

There are 2 different private education sectors 495 Elementary and 496 Secondary. There is one public education sector 522 State and Local Education. Any private college or high school or other educational institution would be captured in sector 495 or 496. The production functions represent typical purchases by the private institution. There is value added and total industry output. Doing an anaysis of this can be done as with any other industyr. Public education, both primary and secondary, are captured in sector 522 State and Local Education. These are typical administrative government sectors that have no production function. Total output is equal to the employee compensation paid to teachers. Since there is no production function, the multiplier is 1. You still get induced effects however. Government purchases are treated as final demands. There is a State and Local Education final demand catagory. This can be imported into a group of events in the Impact portion of the program. The group level can then be set to total expenditures, included payrolls (payrolls are part of the final demand vector), and the impact can be run. If you have only expenditures on goods and services, you might want to make a group that has only those expenditures and then treat the payrolls seperately by importing the middle income PCE vector. An alternative to the above analysis method, a public institution can use the private college sector as a proxy. See the case studies.
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