average income (Louisiana data)


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    The difference you are referring to is the difference between Average Personal Income and Median Money Income (Census). For the difference see this [url=http://implan.com/v3/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=134&Itemid=138]link[/url]. Personal Income comes from REIS and number of households come from the deciennial Census and is adjusted for each year of data based on the change in the number of household units from 2000. Looking at a map, I see that St Bernards is a Mississippi river delta county at the border of Louisiana and Missippi. I wonder if Katrina wiped out enough unused household units to skew the households count? In this case I would also suspect the Average Personal Income per household reported. This will not affect the databases as long as the distribution of the household in the various household classes do not change (eg, 10% of the households are in the highest household class). If the distribution changes the gross purchases by each of the household classes would change - but the overall household spending would still be controlled to the total REIS number.
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