Access Database Tables

With IMPLAN v 2.0, you included a description of the contents of all the database tables so one could more easily edit IMPLAN data via MS Access in the Data Guide Appendix E (IAP Documentation). Is there something similar for v 3.0? If so, where can I find it?
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  • We actually did not create that this time around. Most tables are similar to V2, but we removed the spaces from the names. So the V2 guide can still be used. There are a number of new ones mostly for impact analysis.
  • In addition to the Data Guide Appendix, is there a document that tells how the tables are linked, and/or which query(ies) drive the analysis? This would be helpful to familiarize me as I begin customizing the model for my research. Where would I find such a document? Thanks!
  • No. Nearly all of the queries and table relationships used to build the SAM accounts are embedded in the V3 program code, not the Access databases.

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