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My name is Mark Howard. I am an Economist at Springfield College in Massachusetts and I worked for REMI as an Economic Analyst some years ago. I just purchased an Implan model for Hampden County. I want to analyze the impact of 225 additional jobs at Smith and Wesson’s facility in Springfield. When I create a model of the zip code area where smith and Wesson’s facilities are or even the entire city, I look in the Study Area Data and in industry 192 (Arms ordnances and Accessory manufacturing) I find 0 employment and output. When I make the model for the entire county it appears as though Smith and Wesson’s 855 jobs (in 2009) are there. Is this due to data discloser issues and if I want to model just the city of Springfield and it's 10 zip codes do I change the employment from 0 to 225 (it is really going from 882 (in 2010) to 1107)? Or must I use the model for the entire county?
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  • The County Business Patterns show three zip codes in Hamden County containing NAICS 332994 or 332995 and they are: 01056 01085 01102 I guess the question is: Is the facility a manufacturing plant (NAICS 332994-5) or a corporate office (NAICS 55)? Note, 01102 is a PO box that is associated with Springfield by the USPS website. If you are using GIS to map Springfield make sure you include the PO boxes and unique (point) zip codes.

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