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    Yes. You will note that there is no employee compensation for sector 356. The 2009 BLS CEW data show no wage and salary employment or income, so there is no employment compensation in IMPLAN. However, there are proprietors. At the state level, in BLS 2009 data there were 1847 wage and salary workers and REIS shows ~31,000 total employment. Approximately 29,000 (31,000-1847) proprietors (self employment) in this sector earning a total of ~182 million or $6,233 each. It doesn't take much proprietor income for this sector to create 800 jobs. However, the the proprietor income data for this sector was non-disclosed in the BEA REIS data. The initial proprietor income was set to 35 thousand (~5.5 proprietors) but the distribution forcing the non-disclosed sectors to the control total forced it to 5 million. I am more comfortable with the 5.5. I would edit the study area data by setting employment to 5.5, the proprietor income to .035 (millions) and the IBT,OPI and Output value to .035/4.636 (current proprietor income) times the current IBT, OPI and Output values. ...more specifically: Employment 5.5 Employee Compensation .0 Indirect business taxes (IBT) .001 Proprietor Income (PI) .035 Other Property Income (OPI) .0034 Output .190
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