Can I build a time series analysis by using IMPLAN

Is your data comparable from one year to another? Can I build a time series analysis by using your data, such as RPC for manufacturing sector?
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  • Our data-preparation techniques have changed over the years, as have some of the data sources and definitions. Furthermore, we do not go back and revise data when the government revises theirs. We also have the reality of County Business Patterns data which we use to disclose non-disclosed BLS Covered employment and wages data being inconsistent with each other which can drastically effect the non-disclosure estimates which in turn affects the distribution of 2-digit state GSP estimates to the counties and the more detailed IMPLAN sectors. Thus, IMPLAN data sets are not designed to be time series. Our emphasis is on quality impact analysis data rather than time series data. The ES-202 (covered employment and wages data - with our estimates for non-disclosed data) is our only true time series data.

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