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    Hi Doleswar, Highways, streets and related work are included in Sector 36 - [i]Construction of other non-residential structures[/i]. Alternatively, you can import the spending pattern from the old 509 sectoring scheme (go to [i]Setup Activities>Import>From Another [/i]Model, then browse to the [i]Appliance>Implan User Data>Utilities [/i]and select the "Operations_Patterns_for_509Industries" file, then select "Highways, street, bridge, and tunnel construction"). If the spending pattern is not already in the Utilities folder, it can be downloaded [url=http://implan.com/v3/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=183&Itemid=138]here[/url]. Note that this would be an "analysis by parts" - you are spending on goods and services as the "direct" effect but technically, it is the first round indirect. You would need to add the true direct effect back in. You would also need to set up a separate Labor Income Change Activity for the employee compensation.
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