Hi, I am working with 2006 IMPLAN numbers which I did not generate and in some cases dramatic differences from those I have developed for the same clusters of employment sectors have come up. Of particular concern is the "other income" category of business income. In one case I have an industry going from $59 million in the black to over $1 million dollars negative. In another case, in 2006 an industry has an "other income" of about $8 million which spikes in 2009 to $235 million. I am wondering if there is any change in the methodology which develops the "other income" category that has happened in the past three years or if some sort of explanation (such as buyouts or subsidies) can be made. Thanks. Tim Wood
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  • The 2007 data marked a shift to the 2002 US Benchmark IO table which can cause comparison issues. What regions and what sectors are you looking at? If you did not generate the values, its always possible someone made edit changes.

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