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In Montezuma County Colorado there are a number of National Parks (Mesa Verde) and National Monuments (Canyon of the Ancients)I would have thought they would be represented in Sector 406 (as listed in data I receive from the state as NAICS 712) but that sector has 0 in your data. I suspect that Implan has put those employees into a Government sector such as 438* Employment and payroll only (state & local govt, education. What does the *denote? Would it be appropriate to customize the study area by placing the 136 employees listed by the state into sector 406? My client is trying to look at the "industry" of Cultural Resources. To me that "industry" includes sector 376 and 406.
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  • Sectors 1-426 are private sectors, so any publicly-provided goods and services are not included there. The National Parks activity would be included in the Federal Government Non-Defense Institution. Please see this webpage for an explanation of the government institutions and their associated payroll sectors: http://implan.com/v4/index.php?option=com_multicategories&view=article&id=688:special-sector-definitions&Itemid=14. We have spending patterns for the government institutions that you can use; however, we often suggest using the private sector as a proxy for public activity since the government institution spending patterns contain a mix of all of the institutions' acitivities (i.e., it would not be specific to the running of National Parks). If you choose to use the private sector, you do not need to add the employment to the Study Area Data for the sector - you can simply run an Industry Change Activity on that sector (see post #12699 for more: http://implan.com/v4/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=80&id=12605&limit=6&limitstart=12&Itemid=35#12699). However, you will want to either: a. Customize the Event so that Proprietor Income is 0 and subtract the direct taxes from the Total and Direct Output and Tax impact reports or b. Edit the Study Area Data for the private sector such that Proprietor Income and Indirect Business Taxes are both 0. Since it sounds like you are modeling the entire industry (public and private), you will need to run those as separate Activities if you choose option a above (one Activity modified to look like a public entity) or in separate models if you choose option b above (since you will have modified the entire sector to act like a public entity). Sector 376 is Scientific research and development services so I'm not sure how that fits in?
  • Sector 376 is where my client and other similar businesses report their income and employment. I am grouping the results of sectors 376 and 406 to create the industry "Cultural Resources".

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