Good morning IMPLAN gurus Was using the default scheme for aggregating reports and its helpful but would like the default to be equal to the NAICS 3D - just like the aggregation scheme user can do for models. Is there a way to set things up to use the 3d NAICS default scheme instead of the one in place or is there a template out there to do the 3D NAICS aggregation as a user scheme. (note, I want to keep the detail in the model, only want the reports to aggregate) Thanks!
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  • Hello, There absolutely is a way to specify the 3-digit NAICS, it just takes a little bit more work. It sounds like you may already be familiar with the Options>Aggregation template. This is where you will need to start. You'll want to import the 3-digit NAICS aggregation scheme, just like you would if you were going to aggregate the model. However, instead of aggregating the model once you have imported the 3 digit NAICS, just "Close" the Aggregation window down. When you return to your results, you should see that the "User Scheme" button is now available. When you select this, it will use the imported 3-digit NAICS scheme to aggregate the results. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems. Thanks!

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