Trying to load appliance on laptop for first time and am having two issues. The first one is a message about screen resolution being a particular size, but it does not seem to hold anything up. Next, it gives me a message that I can use X number of times before I have to register. When I put in my information, it told me that there was an error in my registration. Can you help? Thank
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  • Hello Janice, We are sorry that you are having issues with installing IMPLAN. The minimum screen resolution is 1024x768. The software won't prevent you from using it, but you may run into issues with being able to view the entire screen, and see all the information if you don't meet the minimum screen resolution requirements. In regards to the registration error, please feel free to call 651-439-4421 line 2 to speak with a technical support agent, as they will best be able to help you to diagnose and solve your problem.

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