Seeking Help Trouble-Shooting ABP Scenario

Hi! I've been building and running an analysis of constructing an industrial solar energy facility using analysis-by-parts and a production function developed by NREL. I followed the wind energy example in Task C of your ABP case study. I see that in the case-study example, the employment and labor income multipliers were large (~10 and ~5, respectively), but the output multiplier was low (~1.2) In my analysis, the output multiplier is ~30, which seems much too large, especially considering the low LPPs supplied by the SAM database (typically ~10%-30%). I've checked my inputs repeatedly and can't find any problems. Would you please trouble-shoot my model and tell me what, if anything, I did wrong? If so, what files should I send for your review?
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  • Please disregard request for trouble-shooting. My commodity coefficients were oversized by a factor of 100! Results look good now!

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