First Model - Windows Vista

I am attempting to open my first model on a newly received device. When it comes to selecting model data files, I cannot select the file on the external drive (I am told that the file is not registered for this appliance). Quick Start guides show that I should find the file in the My Documents folder, but Vista has no "My Documents" folder - only a Documents folder in which there is no MIG folder to be found. What do I need to do here to select the data and get a model running? I am using 32-bit Vista on a PC that meets all other specifications for IMPLAN 3.0, but I have never used the software before.
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  • Hi Steven, The "Data not Registered to this Appliance" error is one that we will need to address over a logmein session. Please give us a call at 651.439.4421 x2, and we can assist you with this. Sorry that you are running into this error.

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