Cannot get 2011 data file to run

Hello, I recently downloaded a 2011 county dataset for the first time. Each time I go to run the software, I get the following message, it states that there was an unexpected error, and I receive the following message: Unrecognized database format 'F:\Implan System Data\IMPLANStructuralMatrices2011.mdb'. No one is answering the support phone -- I suspect this is something common, but a search on here yielded no results. Please help ASAP if you can!
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  • Hi Derek, Output/worker and LI/worker both went down. So direct effects will be lower. IE/worker actually went up a bit so that will help curb the fall in indirect effects due to the fall in output. The lower LI/worker will of course cause induced to fall. While employment and output in the sector have both risen since 2007, the employment rose faster than output (i.e., employment is 1.84 times what it was I 2007 while output is 1.25 times what it was in 2007). So output per worker has fallen, and when using Employment to set up the analysis, a lower direct output is estimated. We have separate sources for our Output data (the Annual Survey of Manufacturers in the case of this sector) vs. for our Employment and Income data (BEA and CEW) so output per worker can vary somewhat from year to year - more so across 4 years as is the case here. Deflation is definitely an issue too. To compare the $2011 direct output to the $2007 direct output, you will need to divide the $2011 value by 0.967 (or multiply the $2007 value by 0.967). There will still be a pretty big difference due to the large drop in output per worker. If you want to assume the same output per worker, you can customize the direct output figure in the Event - if you do this, we would encourage you to state this assumption and adjustment in your report.

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