Importing Industry Change (Employment) Activities

Hi, I am running single-region analysis for each state (2010 models). I am importing an activity template for an industry change from Excel for each state. Each activity has 42 events. The columns I am using are Sector (#), Employment (#), Event Year (2012), Retail (No), and Local Direct Purchase (100%). For some states, the Employment values do not seem to be importing for certain sectors when I import the activity. The issues are not confined to a single sector across states. For the problematic states, all of the sectors seem to import fine except for one. I am curious as to why this might be happening. I have tried copying the template values to a new Excel workbook in case there was some underlying formatting or links that were creating problems, which did not fix the problem. Is it possible that the values are being imported, but not displayed in the Event section under Employment? Is there any harm in creating custom events for the sectors that are not importing through the template by manually typing in the Employment values? An additional problem I am having is with decimal values. Some of the employment values in my templates are not whole numbers. When I import them into IMPLAN, the decimals are different. It doesn't seem to be just a rounding issue, though the decimal values in IMPLAN round up to the same whole numbers as the decimals in the template. Why might this be happening? Thank you.
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    Hello there!

    The problem with importing negative numbers from the Activity Template in IMPLAN Pro is a known issue. As this is our legacy software, we are not making any updates to it.

    As you mentioned, you can go into the imported numbers and change them. Do note, however, that the order of operations is extremely important in Pro. For each Event, the correct order should be:

    1. Sector
    2. Event Year
    3. Industry Sales
    4. Employee Compensation
    5. Proprietor Income
    6. Employment

    If you do not have one of these items, leave it blank. Note if you enter these values out of this order, you will get different information.

    This is no longer an issue in our new application. The templates can be imported into following these instructions.

  • Hi Stephanie, A couple of things to check are to be sure that you using the most recent update of the software which is Version You can check this by going to the Help menu in the software and selecting “About”. If you are not running the most recent version, we would recommend that you update. In addition, are you using the Activity Template sheet from your templates folder for the import? If not the pre-fabricated template might help. As regards the employment not populating, it is possible that the value had been imported but isn’t displaying. If this is the case, the non-displaying issue is typically resolved by clicking into another software screen and then clicking back into the Setup Activities screen. If doing this does not force the numbers to appear, you could try to run the analysis and see if the proper employment propagates in the Detail Results by Direct Employment screen. If you see no Employment in the Event, or if you feel that it is more practical to just overwrite the potentially ‘unimported’ value there is no problem with this. If you do add information to the Employment field you will likely see a series of red exclamation points in the various displayed Event properties. This is not indicating an error, but is just an indication that the base information has been modified. In regards to you rounding issues, it sounds like some of your employment values the Event screen will only accept whole numbered values, but the decimal place values should still be stored in the background and you should be able to see this in the results screens (rounded to the first decimal place) or exported to Excel (which should show the same values and decimal places as the import). You can test this by creating and Event and changing the entered amount of employment (3.0, 3.25, 3.5 etc) and seeing how the projected Output value changes. If you aren’t seeing that you decimal places are being maintained in the Direct Employment results when exported to Excel. Please let us know if this resolves the issue.
  • Thank you for your response. I am running, and I also use the built-in Activity Templates. I tried clicking another software screen and clicking back, and the employment values still do not display. I had experimented with manually overwriting the unimported values and saw the exclamation points you mentioned, but when I overwrite the non-value in Alaska, I do not get any exclamation points. When I run the scenario, there are no induced/indirect effects. This might be a special case though. As for the decimal points, I don't think it's a rounding issue. I found the problem by importing the activity template, and then exporting what should be the same template into Excel and then comparing the values for the self-imported template and the IMPLAN export. For example: I upload an activity for Texas with an increase in employment of 16854.3616236162. When I export this activity from IMPLAN into Excel, the value is 16854.3125. This difference is minimal, of course, and probably unlikely to substantively affect the results, I am just curious as to why it is happening. Thank you for your assistance.
  • Hi Stephanie, We can certainly take a look into that, but you are correct, it won't make a significant difference to your analysis, if you'd like you can send a copy of the Model you are using as well as a copy of the Activity template you are using to Please note it may be a day or two before we can get back to you on this. As regards the AK Model, we are curious to know if the industry that is troubling you exists in the Study Area. If there is not background industry data, it would make sense for the software to behave as you described. You can check that by going to the Explore> Study Area Data.
  • Thank you for your response. I should have checked this earlier, but it was because the industries did not have a presence in the state models. I thought that I would see a pop-up box alerting me that the industry did not exist. Thanks. About the decimal discrepancy--I have attached a workbook with 3 of the activity templates with decimal values (Arkanasas, California, and New Hampshire). It does not affect the results much, but I am trying to reconcile the direct employment results with national model results, so I would like to be as accurate as i can with the decimal places. Thank you again.
  • Hi Stephanie, Unfortunately on import the error messages won't trigger. Regarding your second concern, IMPLAN values are accurate to the 6th significant digit, so if the differences you are seeing are beyond the 6th digit, then there is nothing "wrong" and there is nothing really to be done about it. We have tested your templates and have not seen any differences in the first 6 digits - please let us know if you do.
  • Hi, I found this old thread that is describing a very similar problem I am having while attempting to import changes in an Industry Activity (specifically, employment). I am using version 3.1.1001.12, and do not plan to use the cloud version for my current project. The issue is that when I import a long list of employment changes, the other activity categories (i.e. Industry Sales, Employee Compensation, etc.) do not re-balance as they normally would if I enter the new values manually. One thing I did notice is that for variables with positive employment changes, this does not appear to be an issue - so it looks like it only applies when importing negative employment changes. If I do go into the Activity that I imported, double click in a cell and manually retype the number, the other columns re-balance. Any idea why this might be happening? And how to fix it? Currently when I run the analysis it doesn't give me any indirect or induced impact whatsoever from the negatively affected industries. 

    Thanks for your help. 

    P.S. I have double checked and am sure I am only changing industries that exist in the region. 


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