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Hi - I was looking at the license agreement and it looks as though we can install the software on up to 5 devices as long as only one user at a time is working with it. I was trying to install the software onto a laptop yesterday and getting an error message that indicated that there was an error with the registration and to contact you. I tried several times with no luck. I don't think we've maxed out installing it on 5 machines. Is there a way to check this? Is that what would be causing the problem or something else? When I tried to use a separate IMPLAN device to register, it said that that device wasn't registered for that computer and shut down the program. Thanks for your help.
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  • Hello RLV, The software is providing you with the correct error message. We show that the Appliance you are using has been registered 7 instances and to multiple users. As a grace period, we are extending one more registration to this appliance. Please register the software in the intended user's name. To free up future registrations, old registrations must be cleared from our records through your IT department. [ol] [li]Before the uninstallation of IMPLAN, if possible please mark down the Software GUID found in the Help>About menu of each installation, as well as the user’s name IMPLAN was registered to.[/li] [li]Please have your IT Professionals run a software-inventory check to see how many instances IMPLAN has been installed, and email us a copy of the results to [/li] [li]Then the IT professionals must send us an email vouching that IMPLAN has been removed from the system(s) by providing those Software GUIDs for the installation(s) no-longer active. Typically for verification purposes we request that you provide the information on your company’s letterhead, with your official title and capacity for your institution. The can be in an attachment to the email.[/li] [/ol] For the second part, please try [url=]updating the software manuall[/url]y on the computer that shut IMPLAN down. Save to and download this file to a location on your hard drive such as the Desktop. Then extract these files and navigate to the extracted/upzipped folder's location. Click the [i][b]Implan3Update.exe[/b][/i] file to start the process. Let us know if you have any questions.

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