Hi, So, I moved a model into a different folder, and now when I choose Multi-Region Analysis within that model, then link models, it says it cannot locate itself, and then closes IMPLAN. Is there a way to tell it the new pathway for the model?
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  • Hi Leslie, The file pathways for the MRIO are written as part of the model adding process, so when you move a linked model this will cause issues. You should be able to delete the linked models in the Analyze Scenario screens, which will warn you that it will remove your results. And then once you have removed these models, you should be able to relink them based on the new folder location. As a general rule, we recommend using linked models only for the purpose of the linkage and keeping all the models linked together in a single folder, to avoid this type of issue. Please let us know if you are not able to resolve by removing the models and re-linking them.
  • Thanks--but my problem is that I created my primary model and then moved it into a folder (from a more general one) so it could be with the model I wanted to link it to. Do I have to rebuild my main model to do this?
  • Hi Leslie, You shouldn't have to rebuild it. The Analyze Scenarios screen should allow you to click the Add/Remove models and remove the model(s) that have broken linkages. You should then be able to redirect the Add portion of the process to the new model location and add it just like you would a new model and then rerun the analysis. If you are unable to do this, we would recommend calling our tech support line betwee 9-5 Central time and they can do a logmein session with you to assist you. (651.439.4421 x 2)

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