IMPLAN does not allow me to create a new model

Whenever I am trying to creat a new model, IMPLAN rejects and posts a message that says "Version 3 does not work with pre 1996." It does not even allow me to creat a new model so that I can use my other recent 2013 data file. Maybe it is showing this message because recently I was trying to open a model that possibly had pre 1996. However, right now, I am not trying to creat a model that uses pre 1996. I just need to creat a model so that I can do some analyses on my 2013 data. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you. Brian
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  • Hello Brian, We apologize the software is giving you this error. The software reads the available data files when you go to build a New Model. If it is seeing pre-1996 data, it will unfortunately continue t throw this error. We recommend removing the pre-1996 data from the drive(Implan3 Appliance) including any structural matrices. If this does not resolve the error, feel free to call 651-439-4421 line 2 to speak with a technical support agent and mention the call is in regards to forum post #:15599.

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