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    Hello Lek, One thing to note about the Sectors 437-440 is that these Sectors are payroll Sectors only and they don't make any purchases of goods and services to operate a government facility, so if you are trying to model the impact of the entire prison and not just the payroll associated to the workers this Sector will not be able to provide you with the information you are looking for. Additionally these Sectors are extremely broad, they represent the average payroll to all workers that fall into the categories of "Federal Government - non military (439), State & Local Government- education (438), and State & Local Government - non education (437). In order to capture the full impact of the federal prison, you might want to consider using the "State & Local Government operating budget for correctional institutions" as a proxy for a federal institution. You can access this spending pattern via the Activity Options> Import> From Another Model. Direct the file structure back to the IMPLAN user data folder and then select "Utilities" and the State & Local Government Programs_PatternsNoPayroll_for_SLGovt_MIG_Lib440.impdb. There are spending patterns for both operations and construction, so you will just want to be sure you grab the correct spending pattern. The only down-side to this is that you will have to have a estimated value of the budgetary expenditures of prison to enter as the Activity Level. You can then combine this spending pattern Activity with Sector 439 if you want to use Employment as a proxy, or you can create your own estimation of Employment Compensation and use that in an Labor Income Change Activity to capture the Labor Income spending of the employees. This will be similar to the [url=http://]Analysis-by-Parts technique[/url]. As regards the Labor Income value, a couple of additional considerations: - The value is a loaded payroll value and therefore includes all benefits and taxes - You can customize the Industry Change Event's Employment Compensation payment to a different total if you do not feel IMPLAN's estimation is correct. Please let me know if you need any additional assistance.
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