Problems Importing from the Activity Library

Hi. Hopefully this is just me forgetting something: I'm trying to import a spending pattern from the Activity Options>Import>From Activity Library Once the Activity Library Manager is opened, both boxes are empty. I click the [i]Import[i] button and get an error report, and am forced to close the software. The error is, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Am I doing it wrong?
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  • Hello Jeff, We apologize but we are having some issues with our forum today, so we are having to respond via email, and this has also delayed the response times. It sounds like you don’t have any Activities in the Activity Library. This could occur for a couple a reasons. 1. You are using a different data year. Unfortunately Activity Libraries are specific to a single data year. Therefore, if you build a model with a different year’s data, your Activity Library will not be available in that year. 2. The Export to Activity Library was not successful and therefore the Activity was never inserted into the library. 3. The Activity Library was deleted. In the case of either of the first two issues, the simplest solution is to open a model that includes the original activity or a model for the data year in which the Activity Library was stored. You can then import this library into the model. Once it is in the model use the Activity Options>Export>To Excel File. This will export the library to Excel. You can then use the Activity Options>Import> From Excel to import the Activity into the new model. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, Thanks, Implan Support Staff
  • Hey Guys. I can’t figure it out. Could you guide me through. The problem originated before I transferred off of the device. I’m plugging it back it, now, and the library is still on there, I just can’t figure out how to access it. I’ve tried opening models from the past, and importing, and that comes up blank as well.
  • Hello Jeff, It sounds like the best method for us to troubleshoot this is for you to give us a call 651-439-4421 line 2 with the web application available. Please mention that you are calling in regards to forum post #16065. Thanks!

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