IMPLAN doesn't run for user

I'm in an active directory where permissions are strictly controlled. I'm a local System Admin. When I load implan 3.0 or 3.1 on the users machine it runs fine for me but when he logs in the program starts but shuts down before the registration screen appears. I gave him full rights into the MIC folder under Program Files and made him a local admin for that machine (that will get flushed whenever he logs in and his script runs) but even under that circumstance IMPLAN won't run. I'm suspecting maybe an entry in the registry? Thanks Jerry Stone
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  • Oh, sorry. A reboot take care of it. Sorry for the problems.
  • Hello Jerry, The user will aslo need full permissions to this pathway: C:> Users>Username>App Data>Local Settings>MIG and Minnesota_Implan_Group_I and all sub-folders.

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