Interpreting Contribution Analysis Results


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    Hello Michael, since this is a contribution analysis and not an impact analysis, I would suggests that you write the report in a manner that describes the contribution of the particular industry to the local economy. With that said, here are some food for thought comments for your consideration and they read as follows: "This analysis suggests that there is a strong and positive relationship between the contribution of the target industry to GDP and the rest of the top 10 industries in the study area. The results suggest that the target industry is gaining in comparison with other sectors in the study area. Comparison between the target industry with other top 10 sectors in the study area’s economy suggests that this industry accounted for roughly XX percent of the area’s total output in 2013." Finally, the direct effect represents the actual total of the company, which could be slightly different from the initial value by a small margin. Also, in referencing the top ten, do not add back to the total figures in this grouping because in them are indirect and induced effects of the analysis. I hope this helps. Please let of know if we can be of further help.
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