I want to find out how much money government contracts add to an area (La Plata County, CO).Is this found in the Industry Accounts - view by Government Industry Demand - see attached? If not - where would I find it?
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  • Any ideas out there?
  • Hi Donna, We apologize for the delay. The Explore> Industry Accounts> Reports, and select View By: Government Industry Demand sheet shows the total demand by local government entitites for local industries. Similar information can be found in the Explore> Social Accounts> Social Account Reports, and select View By: Government Local Commodity Demand screen, but this screen shows it on a commodity, rather than industry, basis. The difference is that a given commodity may be able to be purchased from more than one industry (or institution) and a given purchase from an industry may involve more than one commodity. It is unlikely that all of these expenditures count as 'contracts', but it really depends on what you define as a government contract. Perhaps you could go through and take out smaller expenditures on items that would not likely represent a contract (perhaps utilities, office supplies, etc. and definitely all retail margins). If you have a known value of a particular contract and want to see the economic impact of that (i.e., the indirect and induced effects associated with those expenditures), we have many government spending patterns that you could use for that purpose. We hope this helps; please let us know if you have additional questions.

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