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    Hello Daniel, Sectors 428-432 are the Government Enterprises. These represent government functions that are required to operate more like a business than classical Government Institutions, in that they are funded, at least in part by sales, these are entities like state owned liquor stores, federal or state utility providers and public transport. Sectors 437-440 are specialty Sectors that basically act as placeholders, and should only be used when coupled with an Institution Spending Pattern, or in case where government payroll, but not expenditures are being changed. These in effect behave like a Labor Income Change Activity in that they assess the impacts of government payroll spending, and only payroll. There are no Intermediate Expenditures associated to these Sectors. If you are looking to model Government Institutions, you will do so with spending pattern and an Analysis-by-Parts style methodology. Generalized Government Institution Spending Patterns can be found Activity Options>Import> Institutional Spending Pattern and more specialized one can be found at Activity Options> Import> From Another Model. Direct the file structure back to the IMPLAN User Data folder and then select Utilities and the Programs_PatternsNoPayroll_for_SLGovt_MIG_Lib440.impdb. Please note that the generalized patterns include payroll and thus Activity Level should be set to total government spending, whereas the Programs_PatternsNoPayroll_for_SLGovt_MIG_Lib440.impdb files do not include a payroll calculation so you will want to use these with either a Labor Income Change or an appropriate selection 437-440 (you will want to use the Employment Compensation as a proxy for the Industry Sales value). Hopefully this helps.
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