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    Hi Leo. A few possible explanations for the differences that you are seeing is that you may be viewing the results in different event years. First, please make sure that you modified the impacted industries at the county level to mirror the city and check to make sure that your event year is the same in both the city and county models. Second, another possible reason for the differences you are seeing is that the industry you are dealing with may be a high growth/specialized industry and highly concentrated in the city of your particular county. A third reason for the differences you are seeing may be that the city RPC in many cases is slightly larger than the county RPC, suggesting that the city accounts for a slightly larger proportion of the county’s total demand. After you have checked your model for these possible causes, if you want to force the city and county to match for your particular industry, you can use the Customize>Trade Flows screen, RPC tab to overwrite the city’s RPC to match the county. This is one way to check and see if the RPC is the issue. Fourth, your city model may have larger per worker values (employee compensation and output per worker) than your county model. If they are slightly larger, this may result in some of the differences that you are seeing. Finally, if you would like to send us your model to look at we will be happy to do so. You can zip up the model(s) and email to us at and we will run the Model to see if we experience similar issues. Also, please share any additional information that you feel comfortable and would help us in analyzing your problem.
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