Institution spendng events missing

When trying to set up activities for Cameron County and Sullivan County Pennsylvania Activity Options->Import->Institution spending pattern->Federal Government NonDefense I got the following error message: “Federal Government NonDefense contains no Events, because it does not have an Institution Spending Pattern in this model. Would you like to create the Activity with no events?” I tried to attach a model but my question did not post, so I am reposting without the attachment. Any help in solving this problem would be appreciated.
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  • Hi Marcia. After talking one of our Economists who helps to develop the IMPLAN datasets about your Forum Post, he said the error message means that the Federal government (BLS/CEW) probably did not report any defense employment for those two counties in that year . He is going to check on Monday to confirm that this is in fact the case. As an alternative, he said to open up your county model and import the Federal Government Nondefense Spending Pattern from the Pennsylvania State model. This spending pattern will be very similar to the county spending pattern. We hope this resolves your problem. Hi Marcia. This is a follow-up to our initial response to your Forum Post about there being no Federal Government Nondefense Spending Pattern in two Pennsylvania counties. Our Economist confirmed what we said in the above reply to you. There is no Federal Government Nondefense employment for that spending pattern. There is, however, postal employment but it is reported in Sector 427,US Postal Service. Please let us know if we can be of further help to you.

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