Is there a spreadsheet that has the crosswalk from 6-digit NAICS to IMPLAN code?
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  • Hi Candi, Thanks for posting that. There is also a built in link within IMPLAN where you can do NAICS code or NAICS description searches via Help>Sector Search menu or by right-clicking on the Sector field in the Event. This latter method will populate the selected Sector directly into the Event field for your analysis. If you are doing a keyword search, it may also be helpful to sort the results by clicking the Industry Code column. You can then scroll down through the industry codes until you find the codes you are interested in examining. The associated NAICS descriptions will show you the types of Activities that will report into each category. In addition, the spreadsheet you listed will contain a cross-walk for all NAICS based Industries, but Construction, in IMPLAN, is actually taken from Census.


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