Student work study income

I am doing an impact study for a small state college. The operations expenditures includes a line item for payment to work study students. I did not include this in the staff and salaries payrolls but am unsure where to put it. The college budget office recommended that I just consider it as part of local student spending, but I am not sure if I should set it up as it's own activity or just consider it as part of the estimated expenditures for room, board and other miscellaneous purchases?
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  • Hi Donna. In reviewing your Forum Post, we want to make a few comments to make sure that you are not double-counting some of the impacts. Since college operations expenditures include a line item for payment to work study students, you have already accounted for their impact in your results of operations and you should not create and run this as a separate event. However, if you want to split the Work Study expenditures from college operations to show the impact of this Program in your region, you can do this otherwise you would be double counting since financial aid and work study program are primary driver of operations. Are you wanting to demonstrate something specifically here with the work study program? Otherwise, you should leave it as a part of college operations and student expenditures. Please contact us if we can be of further help to you.
  • New comment by Donna- I took the work study payments (as well as grants, scholarships and salaries) out of the operations analysis. I am breaking these sections out: operations,capital expenditures, faculty and staff salaries, student spending, and event spending. So my question remains, should I include it in student spending as an activity (labor change?), or just leave it out as it is considered income? Students have many other types of income that I am not including as part of the analysis.
  • Hi Donna. In light of your earlier and recent Posts, here is what we would suggest. Conceptually, you would want to know if the money is a form of bringing outside funds into the community or if it plays the roll of keeping funds from leaving. If the money that pays for those work-studies comes from outside the community (i.e., from donations, investment funds, or Federal grants) then it is part of exogenous final demand w/ which to shock the model. Likewise, if those students receiving the aid would otherwise not be able to attend the college, the college would be much smaller; thus, the funds can be counted. HOWEVER, since your students have many other types of income that are not being included as part of the analysis, you might want to just leave the work-study payments as a part of operations. Only if you are running this as analysis-by-parts (i.e., budget line items as separate Events) will you want to also include this as an additional Event.

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