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I have used Implan for a number of years to model impact of military spending on San Diego. I have always used the industry setup mode to input employment and payroll for the direct impact of Navy and other DoD employees here. This year I get a much larger impact on GRP than in the past. Did the GDP, GRP revisions (including counting expenditures on R&D as final output) change the input output coefficients significantly for the defense sector at least in our region? Thank you for your advice. (P.S, employment and total personal income effects not affected in a major way; only GRP). Lynn Reaser
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  • Hello, For 2012 we modified the program to more tightly control to state BEA GSP data for other property income and Taxes on production. There were some strange other property income results. The 2012 data went through a revision to incorporate newly released current year BEA GSP data as well as try to clean up some of the numbers. I suggest you re-download your 2012 data order to see if that makes the GRP more consistent with your previous year's numbers. When you create a model with the new data you will be able to import your impact activities from your old models.

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