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Hello: I am calculating the economic impacts of 70 companies (events) that have relocated or expanded in the Charlotte region over the last five years. The impacts for the seven county area completed (MSA minus the SC Counties). My question is regarding the tax impacts, linking the rest of the state (93 other counties). Would the impacts be double counted since it is state and local or is it the impact that activity has on the 93 counties. FYI: The link on the MRIO regarding tax is not working. Thank, Paul
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  • Hi Paul, MRIO will not double-count activities within the same set of linked models. So, if you run the analysis with a region and linked regions (say, Mecklenburg where the direct effect happens, the surrounding counties, and the rest of the state) all in one model, it will not double count in the tax impact report (or in other reports). As long as the MRIO is setup correctly, thus the region is not included more than once in the Model, and regions are not crossed linked MRIO will not double-count. Could you tell me what link on the MRIO regarding tax is not working. Thanks!

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