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    Hi Javier, Regarding IMPLAN data, government spending and revenue of any sort, including that for special purpose districts, is allocated to the appropriate government sector (e.g. Federal Non-Defense, State & Local NonEducation, State & Local Enterprise, etc.). Unless the Special Districts in question are actually government enterprises, they likely fit into one of the government institutions, e.g. State & Local NonEducation. Regarding modeling, if you are modeling Special Purpose District government spending, you should model it to the best of your knowledge of how the money is being spent. If the government spending is on Oilseeds, choose Oilseeds, etc. Otherwise, you have several additional options: 1) Use the spending pattern for the type of government of your choice by navigating in IMPLAN to Setup Activities>Activity Options>Import>Institution Spending Pattern 2) There are additional government spending patterns that can be found by navigating in IMPLAN to Setup Activities>Activity Options>Import>From Another Model>filepath:Documents>MIG>Implan>Utilities>MIG2007ActLib440_SpendingPatternsNoPayroll_for_Programs_by_SLGovt.impdb. Note that these do not include government payroll, which you would have to model separately, so the Activity Level here would just be for non-payroll expenses. 3) If you’re modeling the spending of a government enterprise, you can model an impact on the appropriate government sector (430 to 432). If you use a spending pattern options, make sure to consult this article: http://implan.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=839&Itemid=1611 Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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