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    Hi Michael, Thank you for your post. 1. It would not be accurate to say that 100% of these new jobs would be created. What IMPLAN does not account for is productivity. Having a part time worker, work full time or a full time worker, working harder to get more done in the same 8 hour day. IMPLAN's employment figure is a head count, a total roll up of seasonal, part time and full time jobs. 2. IMPLAN is not able to determine this, it is left to the analysist judgement to determine created vs supported. 3. Once you have identified if those jobs are created, supported or both from #2, then you can say: The impact of ______ generated an estimation of (created/supported/both )average annual jobs to support the economic activity. Also, unless the population is entirely new to the region of the Model than in general most Induced spending is considered supported. Even if the population studied is entirely new to the region, the majority of jobs are still likely supported. A good way to check for supported/created, is to look at the Detail Results Employment, any fractions of jobs will be supported, but even in Industries where whole jobs exists some judgment can be made based on the FT/PT nature of the Sector. That's where the analyst judgment comes in.
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