data in event column shows up as zeros.

I have set up a model and defined an activity. I have set up an event and asked it to show all (industry sales, employment, employee compensation, and proprietor income). When I set up the event the values in all of these columns are zeroes. It seems the data from the database should be populated in each of these columns. Is there a way to have the industry data show up or do I need to put it in from the front page and other tables to find the data? Thank you.
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  • Hi Gary, Thank you for your post. I apologize for the inconvenience of the zeros. After you created your Activity and you select New Event, did you then select an Industry/Sector? If so, once the sector is chosen, you need to Input one of the 4 fields of: Industry Sales, Employment, Employee Compensation or Proprietor Income. Once a value is entered, the remaining fields will populate with a value. If this is not the case, could you please attach your model to the post so that we can review. Thanks!
  • When I insert one number the others appear. I incorrectly thought all four numbers appeared by default. Thank you.

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