kettle corn vendor at farmers market

We are attempting to determine the economic impact of a local farmer's market and have a few items that are tough to put in a sector. One vendor sells kettle corn. We have the total dollar value and wanted to try and appropriate it to the right sector. The ingredients are not raised, but bought. Thinking either sector 52 or sector 413. Any thoughts one which one is best of if I completely missed it? Also each vendor pays a promotion fee. Which sector would this fee go under - 331? Lastly, general arts and crafts - 405 has been suggested in the past but the description seems like it is a lot of performing arts and not so much goods? Thanks, Jason
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  • Hi Jason, I would actually recommend Sector 65 Popcorn (except candy covered), popped, manufacturing 65 311919 As we presume they are actually popping the corn and serving it at the market, if this is not the case, please let us know. 404 would probably be a good choice for the fee. Here are some of the related options: Agricultural fair organizers without facilities 404 711320 Arts event organizers with facilities 404 711310 Arts event organizers without facilities 404 711320 Arts festival organizers with facilities 404 711310 Arts festival organizers without facilities 404 711320 Fair organizers with facilities, agricultural 404 711310 Fair organizers without facilities, agricultural 404 711320 Festival of arts organizers with facilities 404 711310 Festival of arts organizers without facilities 404 711320 Festival organizers with facilities 404 711310 Festival organizers without facilities 404 711320 Organizers of agricultural fairs with facilities 404 711310 Organizers of agricultural fairs without facilities 404 711320 As for the promotion fee for the vendors, do you know who is receiving that fee? Is it a private entity or the government? If private, 405 seems like a good match as it includes: Art restorers, independent 405 711510 Artists (except commercial, musical), independent 405 711510 Artists (i.e., painters), independent 405 711510 Authors, independent 405 711510 Cartoonists, independent 405 711510 Painters (i.e., artists), independent 405 711510 Painting restorers, independent 405 711510 Photographers, independent artistic 405 711510 Political cartoonists, independent 405 711510 Sketch artists, independent 405 711510 Wildlife artists, independent 405 711510 But if you feel these do not match your artisans, then certainly another Sector may in order. The Help>Sector Search can help you to 'see behind' the IMPLAN Sectors.
  • Thanks for sharing. Definitely helps as I am thinking through which sectors to allocate what dollar amount to from our data. I will use 65 for the kettle corn and also 404 for the fee. The fee is going to private entity. I think 405 will capture most of the arts and crafts so I should be safe using that one. Appreciate the input!

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