Multiplier Changes from Previous Years


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    IMPLAN Support
    Hi Jeff. Thank you for your post. In a 2012 model the Induced and Indirect Multipliers would be from 2012 as would any Multiplier that you would view or that the Model uses to calculate. The Event Year fields act to deflate your entered 2007 values to their 2012 equivalents so that the dollar value applied to the Multiplier has the same definition as the dollars used to generate the Multipliers. For historical years these are recorded (rather than estimated) values. You are also correct that the Multipliers do change every year. To obtain Multiplier data for past years, you will need to purchase this information. We do provide discounts on historical data purchases if you are interested. Feel free to call us at 651.439.4421 or email us at if you interested in pricing or purchasing historical data. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.
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