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    Hi Jason, Thank you for your post! Unfortunately, in the new sectoring scheme, 536, the Agriculture Sectors did not see split or a further level of definition within its commodities. However the Ag data did improve. New Census of Agriculture: The Census of Agriculture is released every 5 years; thus, there may be some sizeable changes in some farm sectors in some regions. The 2012 Census of Agriculture was released in 2014 and is incorporated into the 2013 IMPLAN data set. Census of Agriculture data are used to disclose data missing from USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) and National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) data sources. NASS Data for Agriculture Output: We use NASS sales and production data as a supplement to ERS sales data, where available, since the ERS sales data may omit inventory changes, home consumption, and production used in the production process of another agricultural good (e.g. hay used to feed animals). Large differences between the datasets tend to occur with products that are likely to be added or removed from inventory (grains) or consumed on a farm (hay, meat). We did in fact update our 2012 data last year in the Fall. I recommend re-downloading the data and rebuilding the model to see if the values match. I would suggest though, first removing the old 2012 data before downloading. If you are running the Appliance Free Version of the IMPLAN Software, the pathways can be found below. ODF Data Files: C Drive > User > Users Name > AppData > Local > MIG > IMPLAN > Data Files > 2012. Trade Flows: C Drive > Users > Users Name > AppData > Local > MIG > IMPLAN > National Trade Flows > 2012. Journey to work: C Drive > Users > Users Name > AppData > Local > MIG > IMPLAN > National Trade Flows> JTW2012.. Structural Matrix: C Drive > Users > Users Name > App Data > Local > MIG > IMPLAN > System Data. Place the Structural Matrix file in the system data folder.
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